Thanks for your interest in newdog!

This email is our chance to describe the position in greater detail to assist you in determining if our home based opportunity is what you are looking for and to give you an idea of our expectations with respect to our successful applicants. As well, we include a check list of the specifics of the position and require your acceptance prior to our contacting you to conduct our phone interview.

We are a promotional products marketing company selling to end users such as corporations, small business, unions, associations, festivals, events and individuals. Our success is based on our experience and know- how in sourcing and producing imprinted promotional products for our customers. These products are used for identification, announcements, advertising – any product you can buy in the world, we can imprint it. T shirts, pens, calendars, caps and on and on. newdog has been supplying this service for 25 + years.

This is a direct sales position. We have designed this opportunity for the person who is less experienced in direct sales but enjoys contacting and connecting with sales prospects. Once accepted as an agent an account is created on our website where the new agent is expected to create a “call list” of possible prospects in their area.  The next step is to begin contacting these prospects and introducing our services via the phone, emails and our website. At all times it is expected that a new agent will be contacting newdog via the phone or email with questions relating to our sales process and our products and services. This form of mentoring is our primary method of training new agents. For the experienced direct salesperson the mentoring generally is more directed at product and service knowledge. newdog is available at all times to assist in the selling process and can be introduced to the possible customer if the customer requires more specific information on products or services. Every effort is made by newdog to work with our agents to make this a successful opportunity.

Using our web site’s built in Sales Contact and email tools we provide the framework for a person to build their business within our business. All backend tasks are newdog’s responsibility- quoting, product searches, artwork, accounting, product ordering and shipping- our agents are responsible to create customers and generate sales. We provide training with respect to our products and our web site tools – a success sales background is an asset.

This is a direct sales position and the key to success in this position is your ability to prospect for new clients on an on going basis.

Please review the following and indicate your acceptance below.

  1. This is not an employee position. All agents are independent contractors working with newdog inc and are responsible for all Revenue Canada and other deductions.
  2. Upon accepting this opportunity the agent must sign and date two copies of our Agent Agreement which outlines all elements of this independent contractor position. 
After newdog inc has received its signed copy of the agreement, a password-protected account will be opened on the newdog website for the agent. This account has access to our product search tools, sales emails,and our Customer Contact program with proofing and quote tools for your use. Online manuals are available,and you can access training and sales support via the phone/email from our head office in Calgary, Alberta.
  3. Any order information errors and subsequent costs are the responsibility of the agent. All production errors are the responsibility of the manufacturer. Newdog has an in-house proofing system that requires the customer’s approval prior to production, that includes a newdog head-office employee contacting all customers to confirm order details prior to the placing of an order. As such we attempt to limit the chance of information errors, but the final responsibility lies with the agent. 
Before a customer places an order we recommend they see a sample or sizer of that product. Our sample program is set up so that samples are shipped directly to our agents or to their customer. Once the sample has been reviewed by the customer it can be returned to newdog inc at no charge or can be purchased by the agent at wholesale plus freight for future use. We require a valid credit card on hand from all agents for these sample purchases.
  4. Your remuneration is 100% commission-based. The commission up to a 45/55 split of the net profit of value of the contract less applicable taxes. All costs to produce the order are applied to the commission calculation. Commissions are paid on the last day of the month on a paid-on-paid basis. Customers are required to provide a valid credit card as our credit check and a 50% deposit is required for all orders. Customer payments can be made by credit card, cheque, or bank transfer.