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From this menu you have quick access to some of the feature pages on our site such as Favourites, On Sale, What’s New, etc.

If you’re interested in even more access you can create your account by Signing Up – use your email address as your Login and create a password – use both to Login to your own account.

How these pages can help you use our site.

Favourites is the star.

See products you like and want an easy way to get to them – use the Favourites list.
You can set up your own favourites list simply by going to a product page and clicking this icon. Using Favourites can save you time when looking for products and you can edit the list whenever you need to.

On Sale is the sale speech bubble.

Everyone likes a deal and that’s what our Sales page is all about. We search out the best deals for you and put them on this page – but they don’t last long.

Best Buys is the checkmark.

Some products are just better than others – they may look the same and all be we’ve selected the ones we know are the best value and best suppliers for this our Best Buy page. The price, the manufacturing, and the turn around time are all considered before we say a product is the best.

Wishlist is the heart.

Use our Wishlist button when you’re on a product page and you want us to know you are interested in it but aren’t sure enough about it to put together a Quote Request. Simply click the Heart and complete the information request and we’ll contact you about your Wishlist.

Find It! is the wrapped gift.

Not finding exactly what you want? Fill out the Find It form found by clicking this and we’ll get back to you with some ideas.

What’s New is the new speech bubble.

In our industry everyone wants the newest, the latest, the what’s in style and that’s what our New page is all about! On the first page of the site we have a few of our new items but if you go to the New page you can see them all. Anytime you see the new icon it tells you its a new product.

Rush is the zoom explosion.

Looking for a product that can be imprinted and delivered quickly? Then you need to check out the Rush page and watch for the Zoom icon that tells you it’s a Rushable product.

Contact Us – Provides you access to our contact numbers, location addresses, email and hours of operation.

Signup – Create an account with the newdog website and you will receive access to many features that enhance your newdog experience.

Color Selection – If you’re looking to find that perfect color for a project, you’ll find the many options each imprint method has to offer here.